Families are welcome at The MERL

The MERL was recently transformed by a £3m redevelopment into a modern museum with lots to see and do for families in the new galleries. We worked with our Family Forum to make sure the new Museum offers something for everyone.

These are the Forum’s top ten reasons to visit the MERL:

  1. There’s a friendly, welcoming atmosphere; there’s no need to be quiet!
  2. The MERL will surprise you! It is full of fascinating collections and amazing stories that take you back in time and make you think about the future.
  3. The MERL is about things that are relevant to you, such as protecting the environment and where your food comes from.
  4. You’ll love the wagons, tractors and machines, but you’ll also learn about the people who made and used them.
  5. Whether you pop in for a quick visit or spend all day exploring, The MERL can entertain, engage and educate the whole family, from children of all ages to grandparents.
  6. It’s a great place to visit whatever the weather, with lots to see and do, inside and out.
  7. There are lovely new spaces for socialising with family and friends, with refreshments plus indoor and outdoor play areas.
  8. The MERL has a lovely garden for picnics, play and exploring.
  9. It’s open at weekends and after school and it’s easy to get to.
  10. Entrance to the Museum is FREE!

Families love The MERL

Little Ankle biters Berkshire 2019 awards logo with red winner banner

Thank you to all our visitors who voted for us in the Little Ankle Biters 2019 Berkshire Awards.

We won the award for **Best Museum** for families 2019!

Thank you!